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Come click through some selections of artwork from a compilation of paintings, stories and poems that work together in a kinship of thoughtful brush strokes and words.

All paintings and photographs (except C-97 plane) can be clicked to enlarge, then maximized for the best viewing, including the Gallery.

I begin this art show with the painting, "Remembering," to honor all our men and women of the military, past and present. They put their lives on the line for America's inherited freedom and for people suffering under tyrannical dictators trying to robotize their individual minds and souls. This painting was my little demonstration to show special appreciation for the Vietnam Veteran by Art-Card.

I have chosen my painting, REMEMBERING, to be on the front of my book.

10 January 95

Dear Ann:

Now that the campaign is behind us and the holidays are gone, I am finally able to catch up on some special correspondence to which I wanted to give personal attention.

Many thanks for the copy of "Demonstration" and for your kind supportive remarks. Your God given talent is truly outstanding and will be a treasure to my family and me. It is reminiscent of a lifetime ago, when patriotism was not necessarily popular. Perhaps the time we are living in will bring a revival of the patriotic flame that burns in all our hearts as we remember those who did not return.

Betsy joins me in hopes that you and yours have a healthy, happy and prosperous new year. God bless you,

Semper Fidelis,
Oliver L. North

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I have found that art can reach a beautifully rewarding destination unforeseen in the beginning of the work. I hope to express this either in the paintings and writings or perhaps between the lines! This being my own creative endeavor in a free society, allows free expression minus obscenity or libel of which I am conscious of accountability to my Heavenly Father anyway. Hopefully, there will be understanding and enjoyment shared.

The writings and paintings express my views and are not, in any way, to give the impression that the recipients responding to my art cards, the models and other names mentioned or The Salvation Army, New York Life Insurance Company, Florida United Methodist Children’s Home, Parkway Baptist Church, Paine College, Rust College, University of Florida, Orange County Regional History Center, Boeing Airplane Company, or Showalter Flying Service constitute an endorsement or an agreement with me. The views presented do not necessarily represent the views of the Federal Government of the United States of America, its agencies or instrumentalities, and the Department of Defense or its components. There is no sponsorship or sanctioning by the Federal Government of the United States of America, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Air Force Art Program, the Strategic Air & Space Museum, Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation, Airlift Gratitude Foundation or McDonnell Douglas.

The idea of a book began to form many years ago. Between portrait commissions, my paintings of other subjects eventually filled the home walls prompting a variety of questions, including, “Who modeled for this one?” “What is the story behind this one?”

In time, more important needs at home curtailed commissions. Photo reproductions of my paintings evolved into homemade cards for family sent to friend and kin. Dad was still active in business when my limited edition 1976 Bicentennial folder was distributed, and he enjoyed keeping a supply in his brief case to give his business friends. People in many endeavors took time to respond from heads of State to the milkman who was still delivering to our home.

With my cousin Sandra’s encouragement, “MISS ANN’S ART” was born after many years of labor. This web site presents a selection of my work from 1930 to 2003. Now published Sep. 30, 2006 by Winepress Publishing Group and with its supplement, April 2, 2009, "My Christ Is From Heaven," about the painting, "Christ Blessing The Children."

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