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Serenade to Little Sister.
Private Collections
25” x 30”
Oil on canvas
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Serenade to Little Sister
We were just before leaving this lovely place when I asked my nephew, Sam and his sisters, Deborah and Diane, to sit on this wall for a painting idea. This is what resulted.

After exploring endless woodland trails along the Rainbow River, it is time for rest. The mood is relaxed and peaceful for enjoying God’s early spring day in a Florida February. Leaves are still falling, tugged by a roving wind escaping from the Northern winter.

Little sister sits in a patch of warming sunlight while she contentedly listens to the rustling of leaves at their feet and sighing of the wind-strummed trees accompanying the soft serenade as their lovely sound drifts down river.

Those hidden from sight, but aware of the beautiful song, are touched by the harmonizing of brother’s deep rich voice and big sister’s clear delicate tones. God’s Way of harmonious relationships between brothers and sisters is precious indeed.
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