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The Reception

The Reception
42” x 36”
Oil on canvas

Models: Children, Alec and Anne, their mother Pat, and dad Rick.

God's Holy Places
In the true worshipper’s Church
Of the Soul, Heart and Mind,
God’s Spirit of Truth lives,
His Will on Earth they find.

His Own are known by Him
Loving His Way of living,
Profitable for His Purpose,
His Way to all Truth is given.

They cannot be deceived
By many who come in His Name,
Knowing the Voice of Christ,
Forever remains the same.

God’s Holy Adoption they have
Receiving His Son of Peace,
Together pleasing The Father,
In the Love that can never cease.

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The Reception

To celebrate my native land’s Bicentennial of the American Revolution, I chose to freely express this theme of a family inspired by Saint Matthew 17:5, “This is my Beloved Son in whom I am well pleased, hear you Him,” because our Heavenly Father sent His Will, The Savior Jesus Christ, as the first born in the center of family life.

This family has come together with mother reading about the greatest Love Gift from God His World has ever known although perception and reception by many has yet to come throughout mankind. The only purple (signifying Royalty) in the painting is for the book, “ My Beloved Son.” Dad has put the newspaper down with its war headline to join their children in listening. The painting of George Washington speaks of his belief in God as he prays with his hands resting on his open Bible. On looking at this miniature it would be difficult to visualize my brother, Harry, modeling in red Bermuda shorts, barefoot, with a wig on and a too large shirt tightened with clothes pins running up his back. Meanwhile, his daughters-in-law giggled incessantly as he expressed the prayerful mood of our first president and I photographed him. What concentration!

From Washington to the space program, America has accomplished much in many areas. Think how far a country could go with all individuals respecting the worth of self and others. No doubt, vast human problems would disappear, creating an environment for excellent progress in all areas, for God considered all individuals worth saving and eternally valuable to Him by the Gift of His Love. This family is receiving His Gift, knowing how to love God back.

A Celebration of the American Revolution Bicentennial: 1776-1976

I am thankful that I can paint this inspiration in America today, knowing there is reliable growth in our freedom from faith to faith. I am thankful for those in every honorable endeavor who truly trust in God, pleasing him. They find the most excellent answers to all needs, being a vital part of God’s purpose for his creation. Within this opportunity, I celebrate the two-hundredth year of my native land.

A folder with this statement on the front and inside an 8 x 10 lithograph of the painting, “The Reception”, and poem, “ God’s Holy Places”, formed the 1061 limited editions of America’s Bicentennial.

One edition was placed in the permanent collection of Bicentennial mementos, Embassy of the United States of America, London, England.

A selection of excerpts from the 1,061 Bicentennial Celebration responses United States of America 1776-1976

October 26, 1976
Dear Ann:

"I like the thought, and the painting itself. I think you have done beautiful work."

Alan L. Bean
United States Astronaut
(Alan is a well-known fine artist)

November 23, 1976
Dear Miss Barnes:

"My husband Leonard and I are most appreciative of your thoughtfulness in sending us a copy of your painting "The Reception" and the accompanying message and poem. Your emphasis on pleasing God is especially important in our nation today, and we honor you for expressing your views in such a creative way."

Catherine Marshall LeSourd, author

December 7, 1976
Dear Ann:

"Thank you for the beautiful, inspiring painting. I will have it framed, and hang it in a place of honor in my home. I truly appreciate your remembering me."

General Daniel "Chappie" James, Jr., USAF

December 8, 1976
Dear Miss Barnes:

"Surely the country would be a lot better off if the spirit behind this were manifest everywhere."

C. Langhorne Washburn
Vice President, Walt Disney World Showcase

December 17, 1976
Dear Miss Barnes:

"You have chosen a delightful and inspiring way of observing the Bicentennial, and I am most pleased to be a participant in it."

George R. Ariyoshi
Governor, State of Hawaii

November 22, 1976
Dear Miss Barnes:

"I am deeply appreciative to be included in the limited number of people honored to receive a copy of your painting, The Reception. It is indeed lovely, and the talent, time, and dedication necessary for such a product are testimonies to your Christian faith."

John L. McClellan
United States Senator from Arkansas, Washington, DC

November 22, 1976
Dear Miss Barnes:

"Many thanks for the Bicentennial folder with the reproduction of The Reception. I enjoyed it so much, and appreciate your thinking of me. My best wishes, and may you have a truly "wunnerful" New Year."

Lawrence Welk (of The Champagne Music)

November 29, 1976
Dear Miss Barnes:

"Many thanks for sharing with me a copy of your inspirational message. I appreciate your thinking of me."

Ronald Reagan
(Between Governor of California and President of the United States of America)

November 29, 1976
Dear Miss Barnes:

"Thank you very much for sending me a copy of your painting, The Reception, and the related poem, "God"s Holy Places." These materials are indeed inspirational.""

Arthur F. Burns
Chairman of the Board of Governors
Federal Reserve System, Washington

December 30, 1976
Dear Miss Barnes:

"We are all fortunate to be citizens of this great land, particularly in this bicentennial anniversary of its independence. Best wishes for your future success and personal fulfillment."

John R. Clark
Director, Space Applications and Technology. RCA

January 6, 1977
Dear Miss Barnes:

"Ambassador Armstrong has asked me to thank you for the very attractive Bicentennial presentation. It will form part of the Embassy's permanent collection of Bicentennial mementos."

Judy Harbaugh
Personal Assistant to the Ambassador, London, England

November 4, 1976
Dear Miss Barnes:

"You sent to the President of the French Republic, along with a poem, the reproduction of the painting that you had done on the occasion of the bicentennial of the Independence of the United States of America. Appreciative of the thought that inspired this gift, Mr. Valery Giscard d"Estaing has asked me to thank you. Please accept my best wishes."

Elaine Signorini, Charge de Mission

December 16, 1976
Dear Miss Barnes:

"Just a word of thanks for your kindness in sending me a reproduction of your painting entitled, The Reception. It is a timely and lovely representation of American family life and quite appropriate to the Christmas Season which we are entering."

Melvin M. Payne
Chairman of the Board, National Geographic Society

November 5, 1976
Dear Miss Barnes:

"General Tunner and I thank you very much for sending the lovely copies, or prints, of your wonderful paintings. We also congratulate you for your accomplishments. I know it takes talent, but the finishing, copying, and distribution requires a lot as well. Altogether, you seem to do beautifully."

Ann Tunner
(Wife of General William H. Tunner, USAF, author of "Over the Hump.")

October 22, 1976
Dear Miss Barnes:

"Thank you for the copy of "A Bicentennial Celebration of 1,061 Issues." This is a very inspiring commemoration of our Bicentennial Year."

Lee R. Scherer
Director, Kennedy Space Center, Florida

December 7, 1976
Dear Miss Barnes:

"What a truly lovely surprise to receive in today"s mail a reproduction of your bicentennial celebration painting THE RECEPTION. I am delighted to have it and I send my sincere thanks and appreciation to you for sending it to me."

William W. Scranton
The Representative of the United States of America to the United Nations

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