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Mother Love
Mother Love.
6”x 6”
Private Collection
(Mother Jenny, son Chris).
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Mother Love
I always thought the maternal instinct was in every woman until seeing how some babies are handled like a sack of flour, ignored and even dumped. Sad indeed.

True mother love has inspired many paintings as this scene inspired me. With colored pencil I wanted to express the gentleness and kindness protecting the baby while he sleeps contentedly. Looking on his beautiful innocence, tenderness flows through his mother’s whole being, enveloping them both. Motherliness truly is one of God’s Gifts received and cherished with a Heavenly Legacy.

The sweet sounds still stay in my mind of my sister-in-law, Ann, softly singing a lullaby to her first born while rocking him to sleep on the porch. Instead of going to sleep, he made baby sounds as though he was singing with his mother. In time, he closed his eyes and drifted off to pleasant dreams. A loving mother eternally lives in her child’s heart as does a loving dad. Those who know not love, know not God, for God is Love.

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