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Jim and His Baseball
Jim and His Baseball.
24” x 30”
Oil on canvas
Nephew Jim.
Florida United Methodist Children’s Home
Enterprise, Florida.
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Jim and His Baseball
The old ball is patterned in stains of grassy greens, grays, umbers and siennas of earthen trips, bounced in, etched by rocks and obstacles unseen pounded by wooden bats and varnished by boys’ sweaty hands that could throw like a rocket. These translated hieroglyphics reveal a cover story to Jim. The many neighborhood games, when they could round up enough friends to play, bring good memories. Young Jim is early at the open field. The morning mist is still rising as he studies the old baseball while waiting for his friends.

Friends are those who play by the rules, resulting in a good game with sportsmanship, self-discipline and the wisdom of being a responsible person, riches learned not bought.

“I have really enjoyed the portrait so much! Be proud Ann, your photo will be shown and displayed on Opening Day Ocoee Baseball Little League! (3-5-94).”

(Dr. Harold Torrance’s receptionist.)

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