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A Dubber's Life

Dubsdread has been opened for play since 1924. The name Dubsdread originates from the era’s slang expression for poor golfers or “Dubbers.” The “dread” was the difficulty of the original course layout, which has changed over the past sixty-eight years.

Challenge of the Game

Challenge of the Game
Those who never give up
Though stymied now and then,
Keep on playing the course
Thinking about how to win,
Some double bogeys come along
To ruin their good score day,
By refusing to dwell on it
Keep shooting straight away,
Working on their weak part
To strengthen the whole,
Is the challenge of the game
Even when growing old.

Quiet Please
On returning from a round of golf, dad smilingly gave this account of taking his hyperactive five year old grandson, Ricky, with him to Dubsdread. From tee to green he rode on the golf cart with grandpa pulling; but when reaching the green, Ricky wanted to walk about and chatter. Finally, in exasperation, grandpa said, “Don’t move; don’t talk; don’t even breathe!”
After studying the putt carefully and eventually stroking the ball toward the cup, this confession was quietly heard, “grandpa, I breathed.”

*From “The History of Dubsdread Golf Course” courtesy of the Orange County Regional History Center, Orlando, Florida.
Dub 6, To execute (a golf stroke, for example) poorly; The American Heritage Dictionary, Third edition 1993.

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