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Contemporary Simon Peter
Contemporary Simon Peter

The print is at The
Salvation Army Adult
Rehabilitation Center.
Orlando, Florida.
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Contemporary Simon Peter

My oldest brother, Sam Jr., had suffered a stroke but was coming along nicely. Page 65 Miss Ann's Art.

Peter, the oldest disciple chosen by Christ, has been a favorite subject of painters through the years. This vertical sequence depicts Peter's climb from denial to love. The lowest is portrayed in grayed, cold colors gradually warming up into full color in the highest portrait, coming from shadows into the light, Peter having been made productive of blessings.

* Black Sheep, Then and Now

In years past, only a few colored sheep were roaming among the ranges. These animals were used as "markers," one for every hundred-range sheep. The old timers counted the colored sheep and said, "When your markers are in, your flock is in." Colored sheep have come a long way since then. Colored sheep are no longer the "black sheep," literally or figuratively. Colors range through an unbelievable spectrum of black, gray, silver, brown, beige, red, and blond. The best examples of these natural colored fleeces command premium prices. Wool that once had a very limited use now finds a secure place in the wool market. As each colored wool producer continues to work toward the self-imposed goal of excellence, the fantastic variety of natural colored wool increases.

* From pamphlet, The Marker: Black Sheep, Then and Now. Jan-Dec. 1990. Natural Colored Wool Growers Association. Lakeside, California.

Readers who may be interested in sheep will want to know the breeds I chose from Sheep Breeder and Sheepman Magazine. Referring to the painting, left to right are: Columbia, Rambouillet (used as model for natural colored sheep), Suffolk, Mondale ewe and lamb, and University of Florida lamb #73 experimental breeding for parasite free lamb and sheep. I selected each one for the pose and variety then arranged the group on canvas in their proper places.

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