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Suzanne and Her Bottle Collection
Suzanne and Her
Bottle Collection.

26” x 24”
Oil on canvas
Private Collection
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Suzanne's Bottle Collection
Suzanne chose a sunlit window as the perfect place for arranging her colorful bottles. When she set her liberty-bell-bottle in place, we talked about the true liberty God gives, not the potentially imprisoning kind of beverage it had contained. We enjoyed the lovely colors of deep blue, violet, lavender and pale mauve the light designed while agreeing that looking through colored glass has always been fascinating through the ages from the tiniest piece held in a child’s hand to the greatest stained glass windows.

God’s most glorious light shines from Suzanne’s Soul, reflecting in her loved ones here on Earth and in Heaven, for she is in God’s Home living the Eternal colors of Joy and Peace.

The Suzannes of this world contribute humanity’s greatest need: lights of kindness and love for overcoming unkindness and hate.
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