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Christ Blessing the Children
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Happy Children
The happy children listen
Delighted with every word,
Christ has brought to feed them,
Cherishing each Treasure heard.

At Peace in His Gracious Presence,
With Faith living deeply secure
These children know they're loved,
By God's Blessings so dear and pure.

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Christ Blessing the Children
I wanted to paint this happy group in the beautiful outdoors with pleasing colors and the love of Christ reflecting in the children’s expressions that He is wonderful to behold, love and trust making known God’s Peace to them. Their wise parents have brought them to God’s Greatest Gift, Jesus Christ, Savior of the Soul.

Some may ask, “Why did you show just part of Christ’s face?” I didn't want him to resemble some individual or race, thus chose to center on his responding gentle smile to the children as having answered their questions clearly, revealing God’s truth to live in their Souls. There is not a physical description in the New Testament of God’s only Son. I chose for skin color the middle tone between black and white from His human colors. Christ, God’s Will on His Earth, can’t be of any race, being for all races, which God made from the beginning of mankind and placed them all around the world. That is why Christ entrusted His Disciples to go into all the world with His Father’s Living Word for Faithful good works to overcome evil.

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