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In 1988, I sent out United States Constitution Bicentennial Contribution cards honoring all participants in the victory during the 40th Anniversary of the Berlin Airlift with the following message.

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The 1988 40th Anniversary of The Berlin Airlift - Responses

Some responses from the 1988 40th Anniversary of the Berlin Airlift

Dear Miss Barnes:

"The President asked me to thank you very much for your friendly letter of 5 August 1988. He also enjoyed your card (postcard?) with the photograph of your painting Break in Weather that you sent on the occasion of the 40th commemoration of the Berlin Airlift. The people of the German Federal Republic, and especially the City of Berlin (West) still remember with immense gratitude the employment of the American Forces. The events of 40 years ago and also today's fate of the city are a constant warning that the freedom of mankind has to be preserved and everywhere in the world human rights have to be defended. For this reason it is important to remember the airlift for 40 years ago. (Translation from German. The President is Helmut Kohl.)"

With cordial greetings,
Dirk Schwenzfeier

August 18, 1988
Dear Miss Barnes:

"Thank you for your note regarding the Berlin Airlift. The photo of your fine painting with the C-54's in the background brought back memories of the many times I rode in that kind of airplane. You are right the aerial supply of Berlin is a reminder of that Scripture, "I was in prison, and you came unto me.""

Chaplain Edwin "Arnie" Porter

August 19, 1988
Dear Miss Barnes:

"I am commanded by The Queen to write and thank you for your letter. Her Majesty was interested to hear of your brother and his son and to see your painting, and The Queen appreciated your kind message of good wishes."

Mary Morrison
Lady-in-Waiting, Balmoral Castle

August 23, 1988
Dear Miss Barnes:

"Thank you for your letter and the enclose card commemorating the fortieth anniversary of the Berlin Airlift. I appreciated hearing from you. I was pleased to hear of your brother's service during the Berlin Airlift and your nephew's service during the Vietnam War. Our nation must never forget the tremendous debt it owes to the brave men and women who so valiantly served our country.
Again, thank you for your card."

Bob Dole
United States Senate

October 17, 1988
Dear Miss Barnes:

"On behalf of the President and Mrs. Reagan, I want to thank you for your message. They appreciate the time you have taken to tell them about your brother and his son, and the background of your painting, "Break in Weather." Your painting speaks clearly of your talent.

The President and Mrs. Reagan also appreciate your sending them the remembrance card of the Berlin Airlift. Such a token speaks clearly of your love of our country. By remembering the participants in the Berlin Airlift you foster our national legacy of freedom and human dignity. As the President has said: "By remembering them, you set a magnificent example for future generations. A nation that ceases to honor its heroes is not likely to have many.""

Anne Higgins
Special Assistant to the President
And Director of Correspondence

President Reagan's powerful and effective words, "Tear down this wall," to the Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, will echo throughout history in the Sacred Halls of Freedom.

June 12, 1987
In front of the Berlin Wall

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