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Ballerina Dreams
Ballerina Dreams.
Private Collection
18”X 24”
Oil on canvas
Ballerina Dreams
Wearing a beautiful tutu
With flowers in her hair,
This little girl is a ballerina
For she is the doll dancing there!

Knowing every step to perform
As she hums a lovely tune,
This bit o’ ballerina dreams
Before mother calls, “Supper!” soon!

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Ballerina Dreams
To me, dancing is part of a little child’s nature, so much happiness, so in tune with beautiful music, whether heard or in her imagination. I knew my niece, Deborah, would be wonderful to paint in a tutu, so I supplied the costume and she supplied the modeling. I caught this view while she was sitting on a coffee table looking at TV and rolling a ball. As her hand dropped, releasing the ball, I pressed the shutter. The TV furnished a nice main light and a room window light filled in delicately while I brushed in dark tones around the figure.

A five by seven black and white print I made in my darkroom titled, “Bit O’ Ballerina” was awarded best black and white print in the Florida Camera Club Council 1963 Annual Competition. For “Ballerina Dreams” I added the doll and slippers. It is obvious that the model was the winner.

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