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Finding the Answer
Finding the Answer.
20” x 24”
Oil on canvas
Private Collection
One Ability
One ability given from God
Has His increase factor built in,
To proliferate for His profit
To conquer and to win.

Everyone is held accountable
Knowing what faith is worth,
It strengthens through adversity
Immeasurable in its girth.

Finding the Answer
In the asking, is the finding
When God’s Righteousness has first place,
In all departments of the thinking
Activated by His Truth and Grace.

For His Truth and Grace are sent
From His Love, Eternal in scope,
To give anyone who asks
An abiding, unshakable hope.

His Grace does cleanse the mind
Of debris and distractions of sin,
For His Honor to flourish in purpose
And His Truth to live within.

In singleness of the serving
Which is totally loving God back,
Utilizes the gifts of His Good
So true needs will never lack.

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Finding the Answer
My model for this painting was Billy Lankford, brother to Suzanne in “Suzanne and Her Bottle Collection.” My idea was to show in his expression the satisfaction that comes to one on finding the right answer after wrestling with a problem for a while. With his arm resting on the book, “Accounting Principles”, his pencil ready in hand, the answer is found.

While working on this painting, I was reminded of the parable of the talents and the accountability accompanying the same. The wrongheaded individual that buried his talent did not know God and denied God’s Loving Spirit through fear of failure, not even trying the faithful love walk through failure with God’s Grace to success.

Dad used to say, after a failure in selling a life insurance policy, “I’m just that much closer to a success.” He never learned to dance; but when coming into the house victorious, he would do the neatest original dance as if a bug had gotten in his garments and with a happy face say, “I made a success of myself and I’ve already thanked the Lord!”

The grateful, interrelating minds that apply their given abilities, find answers that are profitable to all because God has put them there for advancing His Universe. The individual of principle, living accountability, helps make the world better.
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